Superior Hiking Trail — Two Harbors to Castle Danger

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Fox Farm Road E/Trailhead to Rossini Road (6.4 miles)
Relatively level section features lovely west branch of Knife River. Highlights is a series of old beaver ponds with 28 Inch diameter beaver chewed trees dotting the trail. Rises in a couple of place for views of surrounding countryside and Lake Superior, 12 miles away.
Rossini Road to Lake County Demonstration Forest (6.9 miles)
Lovely older maple forests and some scenic tributaries of Knife River. Evidence of historic railroad and some mining if you look carefully.
Lake County Demo9nstration Forest to Reeves Road (11 miles)
Trails in the Demonstration Forest include an a collection of hiking trails, including a loop. Relatively level section with old growth maple forests and Stewart River
Reeves Road to lake County Road 301 (5.4 miles)
Includes a steep rock cliff face where the trail goes down the cliff on rock stairs and almost two miles of trail along Cascading Silver Creek.
Lake County Road 301 to Castle Danger (6.3 miles)
Trail runs from rolling valleys up to rocky, pine-studded ridgelines. The Emcampment River is a scenic halfway point. Stunted trees and expansive views to the east remind us of a hike at timberline in the Rockies. NOTE: This segment remains closed due to the encampment River Bridge being out permanently. There is a walk around on a road.
Castle Danger to Gooseberry Falls State Park (9.1 miles)
Trails starts with short and steep climb to Wolf Rock ridgeline. Trails ascends to Mike's Rock with scenic vistas. Four miles of trail along Gooseberry River, with a series of waterfalls.
Gooseberry Falls State Park to Split Rock River Wayside (6 miles)
After hiking through forests, trail climbs to and follows Bread Loaf Ridge with views of Lake Superior. Descends into spectacular Split Rock River Valley. The North of Gooseberry Reroute: A 1.6 mile section of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) is closed permanently between Gooseberry Falls State Park to Split Rock River Wayside. from the northern boundary of Gooseberry Falls State Park to Blueberry Hill Road. There is a signed detour on the paved Gitchi Gami State Trail to go around this section. The detour starts at the Gooseberry Falls State Park Visitor Center, crosses on the pedestrian bridge under Hwy. 61 over the Gooseberry River and travels for 2.1 miles on the Gitchi Gami State Trail to the Blueberry Hill Road intersection. This intersection is located at about Highway 61, milepost 41.6 by blue fire number #3486. At that point, there are two options. 1) Cross Highway 61 and walk 1.2 miles north on Blueberry Hill Road, a gravel Lake County forest road, to connect to the SHT and then continue east on the SHT to the Blueberry Hill Campsite, Bread Loaf Ridge, and the Split Rock River Wayside. Absolutely no parking on Blueberry Hill Road! 2) Continue another 2.4 miles on the Gitchi Gami Trail to the Split Rock River Wayside, and use the box culvert underneath the highway to reach the parking lot and the continuation of the SHT. This detour will last until Fall 2017.
Split Rock River Loop trail (5 miles)
Up and down the river. Lovely views and cliffs. Split Rock River Bridge on the Split Rock River Loop north of Two Harbors. Bridge is out indefinitely. You can still hike up either side of the loop, but you will have to return the way you came. Long-distance hikers can take spur trails to continue their hike through: Northbound, at junction with spur trail turn right (south-east) toward the Split Rock River Wayside. From the wayside, take paved trail to Hwy 61 underpass and turn left. After 0.2 miles, spur trail to main SHT is on left across Hwy 61. Follow spur trail 0.4 miles to junction with main SHT.
Split Rock River Wayside to Beaver Bay(11.1 miles)
Challenging rocky trail with dramatic Lake Superior views. Trail follows along edge of high escarpments. Many steep ascents and descents. Traverses park of historic logging railroad. Proceed carefully along a pond bounded by large rocks and small boulders.
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