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January 12, 2014

Very Large Black Cat Sighted

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While I have been quite reluctant to post this because people will think I am nuts. However I have since found several other people who have had similar sightings. So here goes!

On January 8, I was returning to Poplar Lake from grooming the Banadad Ski trail along the snowmobile just east of Little Iron lake when very large "Cougar" size cat ran across the trail about 150-200 feet in front of me. Now cougar sighting have been confirmed in our county. But this big cat was black.

Now don’t bother to tell me that it was a Fisher because I seen many Fisher and I know what they look like. It was much bigger and had a much longer tail then a Fisher. This was no fisher. I have since talked to two other people, who live near out house and they also have seen a similar large black cat in our area.

I would like to know what I saw on the trail that day.

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